It's all within an easy walk of the [train] station too – including The Maritime Aquarium, the one relatively new building in the group and the one that enables grownups to enjoy browsing and shopping while still entertaining the children."
– The New York Times
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Moon Jellies Fun fact

The jellies featured in the Aquarium are in exhibits specifically made for jellies, which would get sucked into the filtration systems of regular exhibits. (Jellies aren't strong swimmers.)



About Us

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Opened in July 1988, The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk offers visitors of all ages the opportunity to have a good time while learning about the vital natural resource just off our shore: Long Island Sound. Set in a refurbished 1860s factory at the mouth of the Norwalk River, the Aquarium building and its location reflect the region’s industrial past and human uses of Long Island Sound for recreation and commerce.

Visitors explore at their own pace, observing 34 exhibits featuring more than 1,200 marine animals of 259 species. The Long Island Sound journey begins along a freshwater river and the shallow waters of the salt marsh, then moves into deeper and deeper habitats out to the open ocean. These close encounters with animals, enhanced by friendly volunteer interpreters and informative display panels, educate visitors about the aquatic life of Long Island Sound and its watershed.

The sharks, seals, river otters, sea turtles and other animals, carefully tended in re-created natural settings, serve as ambassadors both for their species and the Sound’s natural environment. These intimate encounters are the heart of the learning experience and provide visitors – children especially – with a basis for understanding their role in the web of life.

The Maritime Aquarium also boasts Connecticut's largest IMAX Theater, with a movie screen that's six stories high. This dynamic venue offers an immersing, larger-than-life experience that extend the educational themes beyond Long Island Sound and into other natural or cultural arenas. In the evening, an exciting run of Hollywood films, digitally remastered into the IMAX format, offers a reason to return after-hours and serves as an attraction to a new audience.

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Governor Dannel Malloy talks about The Maritime Aquarium on a recent visit:


Chiller RFQ

pdfChiller RFQ The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk-Chiller-RFQ.pdf

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, Inc.


Scope of Services


General Description:  Replace (1) 25 year old 185 ton HVAC Chiller 3rd Floor and outside cooling tower

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk Inc. at 10 N. Water St., Norwalk, CT 06854


Unusual Conditions:  Old building with (2) existing chillers.   Only (1) is being replaced.


Funding Requirements:  Must adhere to $430,000 total cost budget for all aspects of project, including engineering fee.


Professional Services to be provided:  Professional engineering firm will develop chiller and cooling tower replacement specifications and design, prepare and submit bids for the new chiller, select and supervise contractors to remove old 185 ton HVAC Chiller and install new HVAC Chiller according to specifications developed in the design process.  The firm will also be required to provide construction administration that The professional engineering firm will make all required submissions to DECD in accordance with all rules and regulations and make the entire project turn-key for The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, Inc.


A. Scope of Services:

1. Design Phase Services: Preparation of contract drawings (plans and specifications) and related engineering design including the following:

a. Review existing chiller and cooling tower installation.

b. Perform chiller selection analysis including evaluating energy costs and life cycle    costs.

c. Perform cooling tower selection analysis.

d. Provide construction \ bidding documents including drawings and specifications to replace the chillers and cooling tower. See attached proposal for structural sub consultants  proposed scope of services.

e. Providing construction cost estimates for proposed work.

f. Obtain Prevailing Wage Rates from the state to include in the bidding package.


2. Bidding and Construction Phase Services:

a. Create bid notice for the newspaper.

b. Attend pre-bid meeting.

c. Answer bidding requests for information.

d. Issuing bid addendums.

e. Review bids with owner's representative.

f. Attend pre construction meeting.

g. Attend (2) construction meetings.

h. Perform a punch list site visit and prepare punch list

i. Answer contractor’s questions during construction.

j. Perform shop drawing review.

k. Review contractor payment applications.


Deliverables:  Old chiller removal and new chiller installation according to DECD regulations.  All DECD required paperwork and approvals.  Advertisement and selection of the manufacturer and the installer of the HVAC Chiller from design to completion of project.


Special Expertise:  Engineering expertise with HVAC systems and proven track record of completing DECD contracts on time and on budget.


Schedule for entire project:  December 1, 2013 until March 31, 2014


Bids must be submitted no later than November 15, 2013


For site visits please contact: Dave Truedson, Director of Operations at (203) 852-0700 x2300


The Maritime Aquarium inspires people of all ages to appreciate Long Island Sound
and protect it for future generations. A vibrant and entertaining learning environment,
it achieves this goal through living exhibits, marine science, and environmental education.

10 North Water Street          Norwalk, CT 06854          Phone: 203.852.0700         Fax: 203.838.5416

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation

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