"Students know how to formulate critical questions and generalize from their findings. They are able to identify the big, essential questions about their learning. They know how to collaborate and cooperate with each other."

– 5th Grade Teacher

About Us

Moon Jellies Fun fact

The jellies featured in the Aquarium are in exhibits specifically made for jellies, which would get sucked into the filtration systems of regular exhibits. (Jellies aren't strong swimmers.)

Key Facts


The Maritime Aquarium’s harbor seals are fed 1,089 times per year. That’s more than 25,000 square (actually, fish-shaped) meals since the Aquarium opened in 1988!

The Maritime Aquarium’s animals consume more than 14 tons of fish every year. And you thought you liked seafood!

Eighteen tons of salt are used every year to make salt water for the Aquarium’s tanks. You should see the size of our salt shaker!



The Maritime Aquarium opened on July 16, 1988, as “The Maritime Center.” The name was changed in 1996 to better reflect the increasing number of marine life exhibits.

Our building was once an old abandoned brick warehouse in disrepair. Now, The Maritime Aquarium has been the anchor for the revitalization of South Norwalk and an economic engine for the entire region, welcoming visitors each year from all 50 states and abroad.

The Maritime Aquarium is different from most other aquariums, because it focuses primarily on the marine life of one body of water: Long Island Sound.



The Maritime Aquarium’s traveling teachers travel more than 26,500 miles every year to deliver education programs to more than 25,000 students. That’s so many miles, we had to buy them a second bicycle.

No shuffleboard on our poop deck! The Maritime Aquarium’s research vessel cruises Long Island Sound more than 300 times per year, all year round, with public and student groups. Educators on board introduce participants to the marine life of Long Island Sound and collect scientific data on water and air conditions and more.

Start polishing those apples, kids! More than 150,000 school children are taught by Maritime Aquarium educators each year, but even a fun family visit offers endless opportunities for informal education about the marine life of Long Island Sound.

The Maritime Aquarium takes its mission to educate children and adults seriously. We couldn’t do it without the support of admission revenues, members, and philanthropic organizations.

Bushels of fun and learning. The Maritime Aquarium’s Red Apple Fund for Student Enrichment – supported by individuals, corporations, and philanthropic organizations – supplements the cost of Aquarium education for more than 10,000 students annually who may not otherwise be able to participate.



The Ocean Playspace (for infants to age 5 only) may look like just a fun place to play (which it is!), but it also has been carefully designed to promote motor skills, imagination, interactive play, coordination, balance, sensory awareness and more.



The Maritime Aquarium has more than 10,000 member families from throughout the tri-state area and across the country!



Volunteers contribute approximately 25,000 hours per year to the Aquarium, introducing visitors to the seals, rays and intertidal creatures of Long Island Sound. We love them!


We Support Norwalk!

  • The spending by our employees and 450,000 visitors injects more than $25 million annually into Norwalk's economy.
  • The Aquarium was created to spur development in SoNo; more than $200 million in private condos, retail and business space invested so far.
  • We offer free Aquarium admission for all Norwalk schoolchildren visiting on field trips.
  • Our education department partners with Brookside, Jefferson Magnet and All Saints schools, offering every child multiple science experiences.
  • A private grant supports science programs for more than 1,600 Norwalk 4th- and 6th-graders.
  • A grant from Newman's Own Foundation funds an inspiring weekly after-school program, called TeMPEST, exclusively for Norwalk’s high school students.
  • Grant-funded admission to Carver Center students and staff; free Aquarium and IMAX movies to Carver summer camp students and counselors.
  • We’re an active partner in Norwalk ACTS for Children and its Choice Neighborhoods initiative.
  • Our Volunteer program offers many Norwalk teenagers their first “job” experience. Some 2,000 Norwalk youth have participated so far.