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10 Reasons an Aquarium Membership Makes an Awesome Gift

Visit our turtles any time you like with a membership to the Aquarium!

I’m convinced the Christmas season actually occurs in some alternate dimension where time runs at 10 times the normal speed.

The big day is less than two weeks away, and if you’re anything like me, you haven’t even thought about buying gifts yet. Yet again, I seemed fated to gifting my relatives ill-fitting holiday sweaters or frantically scanning the picked-over gift card rack at CVS on Christmas Eve.

Then I read “10 reasons why museum memberships are the best gifts for families” and couldn’t help but notice that the list rang true for aquariums as well. Giving an Aquarium membership as a Christmas present? I can do that? Perfect! Christmas shopping: COMPLETE.

Author Kim Z. Dale’s list shows how membership really is the gift that keeps on giving, and we couldn’t help but put our own spin on it for The Maritime Aquarium.

1.    Most families don’t need more “stuff.” An Aquarium membership fits right in your wallet. Space efficient. No assembly required. Batteries not needed. Check, check and check.

2.    The stores are awesome and membership gets you a discount. Whether you’re looking for something fun, functional or educational, the Aquarium gift shop has it all! Plus, you’ll receive 10 percent off!

3.    Memberships make visiting cheap.  By purchasing a membership to the Aquarium, the savings start to add up during your very first visit. Members get $2 discounts on all classic IMAX movies and additional discounts on many education programs, trip, lectures and workshops.

4.    Membership reduces the stress of having to “get your money’s worth” from a museum visit. Here at the Aquarium, we’re always changing up our exhibits. By having a membership, you have the luxury of taking your time. Even if you don’t get to see everything during your first visit, you can come back and see the rest anytime you want.

5.    It’s great to always have somewhere to go, especially in the winter. When the family is tired of being cooped up at home but it’s just too cold for sledding and building snowmen, the Aquarium is a great place to warm up together. The kids can let off some steam and you’ll get a break from the constant chorus of “I’m bored!”

6.    Little kids can play there. In fact, we have an entire play area for the little ones to play (and benches for adults for a much-needed rest). Kids can also take a break from the exhibits and build a toy boat as a unique memento from the Aquarium.

7.    They can be enjoyed by family members of all ages. Whether our youngest visitors are discovering their love of the ocean for the first time or you’ve lived by Long Island Sound your entire life, all of our exhibits have something special to offer our visitors.

8.    Museums make great dates. Dinner and a movie? Been there, done that. We’re seen more than a few romances spark in front of our exhibits, and sometime couples even return and have their weddings here!

9.    Feel like a rock star.  If you’re into being part of the exclusive crowd, membership is right up your alley. You’ll get invited to member-only events like IMAX movie previews and exhibit openings, and get first crack at tickets for special events before they go on sale to the general public. Who’s cooler than you?

10. They’re educational. We dare you to walk out of the Aquarium without learning something new…It’s pretty much impossible! Our staff and volunteers are so good, in fact, that most of the time we get you learning new things while you think you’re just having fun (we’re sneaky like that).

Does a membership sound like the perfect gift for someone you know? You can buy one for them right on our website.

Check back in with us for more updates and peeks behind the scenes! In the meantime, you can stay up to date with us from every corner of the web. You’ll find us happily posting, pinning and tweeting away on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Tumblr.

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