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The Maritime Aquarium recently received two videos from Connecticut residents who claim to have encountered the legendary (and supposed) forest shark.  We’re studying the videos’ authenticity.  

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Because so many boaters seem to be encountering the humpback whales currently in the western end of Long Island Sound … and because boaters of Long Island Sound aren’t accustomed to sharing the water with 30-foot creatures that come to … Continue reading

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Challenge:  name the animal that, pound for pound, is the most formidable creature in Long Island Sound. Did you say sharks?  Or bluefish, with their sharp teeth?  Maybe blue crabs, that can pinch like a vice? Actually, the answer most … Continue reading

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                            Perhaps you have seen news stories over the last two weeks of boaters being shocked (and thrilled) by encountering a humpback whale in Long Island Sound. … Continue reading

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Hooper himself joined us on June 14 as we celebrated the 40th anniversary of “Jaws” with actor Richard Dreyfuss telling stories about the making of the blockbuster film … followed by a showing of the movie on our six-story screen. … Continue reading

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On June 11, we were pleased to honor Sandy Bria of GE Capital and John Reynolds, principal of Jefferson Science Magnet School, with The Maritime Aquarium’s 2015 Seal of Approval Awards. The Seal of Approval Awards honor individuals who create … Continue reading

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What better time than World Oceans Day to receive an assessment of how Long Island Sound – and Norwalk Harbor – are doing, health-wise? Results of the first-ever ecosystem-health “report cards” were released today in a special presentation by the … Continue reading

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When you were in high school, how great would it have been to have an educational mentor? Someone to help you with your understanding of the sciences?  Maybe to encourage and challenge your interest in certain sciences?  Someone who was … Continue reading

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We were pleased to honor and celebrate some of our biggest and best supporters on April 23 during our awesome annual Cirque de la Mer fund-raiser. For their commitment to environmental education, the families of Rob and Katharine “Kit” Rohn … Continue reading

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We won’t be changing our name to the Shed Aquarium any time soon.  (There would be too much confusion with the venerable Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.) But there’s sure a lot more shedding going on here at The Maritime Aquarium … Continue reading

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