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Let’s say you’re a bottom-dwelling fish that prefers to eat animals that often hide in the sea floor; things like crabs, shrimp, worms and mollusks. To find your prey, your options could be: –  sit and wait for your hidden … Continue reading

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            We’ll keeping them behind the scenes until they’re big enough and strong enough to go on exhibit. Check back with our blog or sign up for updates for more looks behind the scenes! In the … Continue reading

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Meet one of the newest members of The Maritime Aquarium: the cubera snapper!   Here’s five fast facts about this fanged fish (say that five times fast!) The cubera snapper is: Equipped with large, sharp teeth, which allow them to … Continue reading

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This little guy, a grubby sculpin or Myoxocephalus aenaeus, lives in estuaries and salt marshes in New England. While it eats snails, shrimps, and fishes among other available food, it can be a meal for the Atlantic cod, it’s predator.

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