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By Dave Sigworth, Maritime Aquarium publicist Spring has to come eventually. (EVENTUALLY, RIGHT?) And, when it does, one of nature’s seasonal creations will play its vital ecological role again in our woods. We’re talking of course about … big puddles.

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Over the past week, we’ve said hello and good-bye to some of our animals. It’s been bittersweet! On Monday, lots of new frogs were added to the Frogs! exhibit. We welcomed some gray tree, green tree, green and black poison … Continue reading

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Frogs are amphibians, cold-blooded vertebrate animals that, unlike reptiles, do not have scales and usually breed in water. You probably knew that. But did you know that “Amphibians together with reptiles make up a larger group called Herps. The study … Continue reading

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Have you ever had a toy that sticks to the window or wall but after a few days the sticky pads get dirty and it falls to the floor? Scientists are learning how frogs feet stay clean and sticky. By … Continue reading

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