"Estuaries such as Long Island Sound are among the most valuable ecosystems in the world. The Sound supports diverse marine life, including most of the fish and shellfish we value as food ..."

– Connecticut Sea Grant

Conservation & Research

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Long Island Sound Fun Fact

Long Island Sound is 113 miles long, 21 miles wide (at its widest) and holds about 18 trillion gallons of water. Its average depth is 63 feet – which is just a little deeper than the height of our IMAX screen! Can you fathom that?!

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Common Name: Atlantic cod

Latin Name: Gadus morhua

Size/weight: Up to 51 inches long and 77 pounds.

Range:  Both sides of the North Atlantic, on our side from Greenland to Cape Hatteras.

Habitat: Near the bottom of the water column in areas range from near shore to the edge of the continental shelf.

Diet: Cod are omnivorous, feeding on a wide variety of fish and invertebrates.

Predators: Humans, larger fish.

Description: Greenish, brown or grey dorsally, lighter shading ventrally.  Prominent barbel on chin.  Spots on back and sides.  Three dorsal fins and two anal fins.

Conservation Note:  Although fishing for cod was once a dominant part of the New England economy, in recent decades overfishing has severely depleted cod stocks. Thus, Seafood Watch lists Atlantic cod as a seafood to Avoid, except for cod obtained through hook-and-line fishing in the Gulf of Maine.

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