Annual Operating Fund

harbor seal photoHelp off-set the expenses incurred by providing exceptional care in the health, wellness and enrichment of the lives of the animals in our care, and support the dedicated team of educated and trained aquarists who care for our animals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, you can help support our STEM and marine science education and teacher professional development programming, provide financial aid to school and families in under-served areas, as well as integrate technological and digital interactives in our facility.
Did you know your gift of:

$100…Helps provide fresh veggies for our sea turtles for a week!

$250…Helps provide a “Shoreline Investigators” field experience for 30 preschoolers

$500…Helps provide restaurant-quality seafood for our seals for a week!

$750…Helps provide AP Environmental Science Study Cruise for 40 high-school students

$1000…Helps provide the Marine World STEM after-school program for 30 5th-8th graders at their school!

$ Your Choice! Helps to keep this community treasure a place to grow, learn and be inspired!

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