Artists Featured in "A Slug's Life: Facing the Climate Endgame"

This temporary exhibit at The Maritime Aquarium blends live animals with art to tell an important environmental message. Get to know the artists featured ...

Gar Waterman | Sculptor | New Haven, Connecticut

Blending nature with art, "A Slug’s Life” will display more than a dozen dynamic sculptures of nudibranchs by Gar Waterman, son of pioneering underwater filmmaker Stan Waterman (“The Deep”). The younger Waterman spent a formative year at the ages of 9 to 10 in Tahiti, where his father was filming a National Geographic special. Waterman says that watershed year of almost daily contact with marine life on the South Pacific barrier reefs established a visual foundation of marine imagery that endures as a primary source of inspiration for his sculpture. After college at Dartmouth, he spent seven years in Italy learning to carve stone, eventually returning to establish West Rock Studio in New Haven, where he has lived and worked for the last 25 years. 

Waterman considers himself to be “the world’s only stone sea slug sculptor.” 

Jim Anderson | Photographer | Scotland

An architect who retired from practice in 2011, Jim Anderson is fascinated by the incredibly colorful world that lies just a short distance from the shore around the coast of his home in Scotland. He learned to dive there and very quickly discovered the diversity and extravagance of life that the grey sea does well to disguise. Photography started as a means of recording these sights - to try in some way to let others into this wonderful new world that was opening up. 

He commenced diving in 1987 and has recorded over 5000 dives, over 2200 around Scotland, mostly with a camera in hand and has developed special skills in capturing images that have been widely published in national diving publications and identification guides. He is the proprietor of the portal to his extensive nudibranch and other web sites covering his home country and the destinations he has visited in the Philippines, Indonesia, Maldives, Red Sea, Kenya, Ireland and in the Caribbean. He has also published iBook nudibranch ID guides for Scotland, the Maldives and Anilao in the Philippines. He is a 1st Class Examiner with the Scottish Sub Aqua Club and delivers Nudibranch Identification courses on behalf of the UK Marine Conservation Society. 

Keith Ellenbogen | Photographer | New York City

Keith Ellenbogen is a celebrated underwater photographer working with conservation-based organizations to showcase the visual complexity of underwater environments, from coral reefs to coastal rivers to the wild open sea. Through his photography, Keith seeks to evoke a sense of discovery of fantastical creatures to captivate our imagination and create intimate, personal connections, that inspires positive social change. Keith is an Associate Professor of Photography at SUNY/Fashion Institute of Technology; Visiting Artist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sea Grant; Sr. Fellow, International League of Conservation Photographers; Fellow, The Explorers Club; Affiliate Partner, Mission Blue – A Sylvia Earle Alliance; the recipient of Hollings Ocean Awareness Award. Keith currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. 

Emanuel Gonçalves | Photographer | Portugal

Member of the Board of Directors and Chief Scientist of the Oceano Azul Foundation. Associate professor at ISPA –Instituto Universitárioand vice-director of MARE –Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre. Has been involved in the creation, monitoring and implementation of Marine Protected Areas in several regions, including discussions on the high seas. Was deputy-head of the Portuguese Task Group for Maritime Affairs that developed the National Ocean Strategy. Was coordinator of the EU Group that led the negotiations which approved the CBD ScientificCriteria for Identifying Ecologically or Biologically Significant Areas (EBSAs) in the marine realm. Is a member of the National Council of Environment and Sustainable Development.

Alicia Hermosilla | Photographer | Mexico

Alicia Hermosilla was born and raised in Mexico, where she went to the beach often and loved the ocean. Upon graduation from University, she got her diving certification, and the instant she saw the bottom of the ocean she knew it was something she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She would focus on little things on dives and when she saw her first nudibranch, she could not believe a creature like that could exist in her own backyard. Following a master’s degree in environmental engineering, she went back to University and began a PhD in ecology working on the nudibranchs of Bahia de Banderas, near Puerto Vallarta. She has co-authored several ID books and published numerous articles describing some of the new species she has discovered over the years. She and her husband continue to travel and document nudibranchs whenever they have the opportunity. 

Kevin Lee | Photographer | California

After learning to scuba dive, in 2002, Kevin Lee embraced underwater photography as a way of sharing the ocean's wonders with non-divers. Aesthetics are important in his photography, but he also strives to capture unique perspectives that are of interest to biologists and other scientists who study the marine environment. 

Nudibranchs remain one of his favorite subjects. He has photographed and collected specimens for scientific research in waters surrounding all seven Continents, including Antarctica, is active in The Orange County Underwater Photographic Society and Los Angeles Underwater Photographic Society, and is a member of both The Adventurers Club of Los Angeles and the Explorers Club.  He lives and works in Southern California. 

Gordon Tillen | Photographer | The Philippines

Gordon Tillen lives in the Philippines.  When not out photographing nudibranchs he and his wife own and operate a small B&B.  

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