Long Island Sound

The Maritime Aquarium gives visitors a window into Long Island Sound, officially designated an Estuary of National Significance, and a veritable rain forest of the sea, rich in aquatic life. This extraordinary ecosystem has supported the economy and culture of this region since prehistoric times.

Today, some 20 million people – among them, the vast majority of The Maritime Aquarium's visitors – live within a one-hour drive of the Sound. The cumulative effects of their actions make sustaining the natural functioning of the Sound a real challenge. But in this challenge lies our opportunity – to fulfill the promise of aquariums articulated by the Pew Oceans Commission (2003) and foster an ocean conservation ethic focused on this fine body of water in Connecticut's front yard.

The Maritime Aquarium wants you ...

… To Be A Sound Steward

Do you love Long Island Sound and all the creatures that live in and around it? If so, help us promote a healthy Sound for the future by living a Sound Friendly lifestyle.

Remember the land-water connection. What we do on our land directly impacts Long Island Sound. You can control the polluted runoff from your neighborhood by taking the following steps.

  • Scoop that poop! It is estimated that two or three days’ worth of dog doo from about 100 dogs can contribute enough bacteria to temporarily close a bay and all watershed areas within 20 miles to swimming and shell fishing.
  • Use less fertilizer. (Use too much and it just runs off your lawn and into the watershed, leading to excessive algae blooms, which cause dead zones in the Sound.) Create a compost pile to provide natural nutrients for your garden. Create a worm bin.
  • Take your dirty car to a car wash. Commercial car washes are reducing their environmental footprints through water reclamation and treatment processes.
  • Don’t litter. That piece of plastic can be carried into a waterway during a rainstorm and put a strain on aquatic life.

Do you live in the watershed of Long Island Sound?

You do if you live anywhere in Connecticut, southwestern Rhode Island, or any other area shaded on the map. A watershed is land that collects rainwater, sediments and dissolved materials that flow to rivers, their tributaries and estuaries. The three rivers shown are (1) the Connecticut, (2) the Housatonic and (3) the Thames.

The Sound’s watershed extends into Canada, covering an area of 15,820 square miles inhabited by 32+ million people. Any pollutants entering the water in this vast area can ultimately harm the Sound. Other areas such as New York are also a big part of the watershed of Long Island Sound.



Aquarium Conservation Partnership

The Maritime Aquarium is a proud member of the Aquarium Conservation Partnership, a unique collaboration designed to build on the public engagement power of aquariums across the nation to increase conservation impact. ACP aquariums help advance federal and state conservation policies, mobilize thousands of visitors and online audience members to take action, and demonstrate our commitment to conservation in our business practices.

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Our Mission

Mission: The Maritime Aquarium inspires people of all ages to appreciate and protect the Long Island Sound ecosystem and the global environment through living exhibits, marine science, and environmental education.

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