"We've taken a few educational boat trips over the years but yours was by far the best all-around experience. The highlight had to be the breadth of sea life we pulled up and investigated, interacted with and, of course, learn about."

– Rockland County, NY, camp director

Kids & Families

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Sand Tiger Shark Fun Fact

Look closely at the sand tiger sharks in the "Ocean Beyond the Sound" exhibit. Their snout and jaws are covered in tiny holes. These are receptors for the sharks' "sixth sense" – their ability to detect bioelectric fields emitted by other animals (including potential prey).

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Learning doesn't stop just because school is out.  That's when FUN learning begins!

The Maritime Aquarium offers educational programs each year during the spring-break week of most local school districts and also through the summer.

The age-appropriate hands-on activities engage students in ways that demonstrate how exploring our world can be fun and exciting. 


Registration is now closed for 2017 camps ... see you in 2018!


Spring Vacation Adventure Camp

Kids can spend their spring school vacation exploring our watery world in this special series of activities at The Maritime Aquarium. The programs are filled with age-appropriate activities, experiments and animal encounters. There’s a different theme each day for younger kids (ages 6 to 8), who can attend one, some or all five days ... you decide!  Older kids (ages 9-12) take part in our popular week-long “Behind-the-Scenes Science” program. Click here for more information.


Summer Camp

The Maritime Aquarium Summer Camp offers a fun lineup of weeklong camps, focusing on different topics, for ages 5-8 & 9-12. One exception: teens 13-15 can participate in an in-depth three-week apprentice experience in our Animal Husbandry and Education departments. Click here for more information.