Vote for the Ocean!

Seals, sharks and sea turtles don’t get to vote — but their future depends in large part on the decisions you make on your ballot. Use your vote to stand up for wildlife and protect their aquatic homes.

Why Should You Vote for the Ocean?

Voting gives us the power to choose leaders who can make decisions to protect our ocean, our air and water, conserve the natural places and wildlife we love, and ensure our communities have a voice in the decision-making process.

Healthy communities depend on healthy oceans, coasts, lakes and rivers. By exercising your right to vote — all the way down the ballot, from national to local — you can help protect these special places, the people who depend on them and the animals that live in them.

What Else Can You Do?

Do your research! We urge you to be an informed voter by reviewing each candidate's views on environmental issues. However, we are not endorsing a particular candidate or political party.

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The Maritime Aquarium is a proud member of the Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP), a coalition of 22 U.S. aquariums taking action together to advance ocean and freshwater conservation.

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Mission: The Maritime Aquarium inspires people of all ages to appreciate and protect the Long Island Sound ecosystem and the global environment through living exhibits, marine science, and environmental education.

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