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Five Simple Daily Actions You Can Take to Protect the Ocean
Skip the Straw

Plastic straws are one of the top five items collected during beach clean-ups each year. They can sicken and kill seabirds, fish, sea turtles and other marine animals when they get lodged in their noses, throats and stomachs.

Reduce Chemicals

Certain chemicals found in everyday cleaning products can pollute our waterways. Switch to organic or all-natural products and make sure to dispose of chemicals properly!

Reduce Vehicle Pollution

Using fuel-efficient vehicles, carpooling or biking around town can help reduce your carbon emissions, which in turn helps keep the ocean's pH at a level healthy for animals.

Bring Your Own Mug

... or silverware or water bottle or grocery bag! Reducing your reliance on single-use plastics will help protect our ocean and the marine animals who call it home.

Eat Sustainably

There is a direct link between the seafood we eat and the health of our oceans. Choose seafood that is caught or farmed in environmentally responsible ways.

Citizen Science Opportunities

Be a citizen scientist by getting involved with our ongoing research projects! Click Here to Learn More.

Our Mission

Mission: The Maritime Aquarium inspires people of all ages to appreciate and protect the Long Island Sound ecosystem and the global environment through living exhibits, marine science, and environmental education.

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